Energy-saving and aesthetic upgrade for buildings

70% of all household energy consumption is used up in heating and cooling. 
The biggest loss – 50% of heat in the winter and overheating in the summer, is through the walls and floors, and a further loss of 25% occurs through door and window frames. In this way, energy consumption, and naturally, the cost, are greater.

Therefore, an energy-saving upgrade is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Reduction in functional costs
  • Better quality of life in the home
  • Increase in the value of the property

The building’s energy-saving class constitutes a basic condition for its value when selling or renting it, since a building in a high energy-saving class (A or B) makes monthly savings of up to 90%

Energy-saving Upgrades from Papakostas Constructions

The company undertakes the design and implementation of energy-saving upgrades for every type of building, apartment or house, carefully considering the most energy-efficient solution. Our considerable experience working in this field with pioneer systems ensures a monthly saving of up to 90%.

Natural ventilation can significantly reduce the thermal load that a building has to bear, and creates a pleasant environment free from damp and unpleasant smells.

Natural light
Saves energy and raises the quality of life inside a building. Whenever this is not possible through openings, we can achieve it through special installments (e.g. light tubes).

Renewable energy sources
Wherever possible and practicable (solar, wind or geothermal heating).

Green roof
Plays a major role in saving energy both in summer and winter conditions, and contributes to the aesthetic value of the building.

Thermal inertia
Resistance to external changes in temperature, necessary for the climatic conditions in Greece.

External horizontal aluminium blinds
External horizontal aluminium blinds, controlled by height, are a perfect combination of modern design with the need for external shading. They constitute the new class of shading systems.

Reduces both the need for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Extra savings can be achieved by placing insulation on the interior or exterior of the structure’s frame.

Automation – Domotics
State-of-the-art applications which facilitate energy-saving, increased comfort and security within the home or office.

‘Green’ materials 
Materials which are less damaging to the environment or recyclable. They don’t emit harmful particles inside rooms where people live and work.

Recycled water
Water which is consumed can be recycled and used again (e.g. for watering plants). In this way, consumption can be reduced by up to 40%.