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Arbitrary building permit settlements

Arbitrary building permit settlements

The ‘Clever way’ to settle building permits ( Law 4178/13) in three simple steps:

  • Call us
  • Conduct a survey (one of our engineers will come within 48 hours)
  • Our company files an application electronically with T.E.E. (the Technological Institute of Greece)

Useful information:

Which cases can be settled?

The new law offers settlement to all types of building for 30 years without obligation to meet the requirements of the previous law. Usual cases to which this law applies are as follows:

  1. The erection of new or the extension of existing buildings without a permit
  2. The extension of an existing building which is larger than the dimensions specified in the original permit. This increase may be horizontal (excess floor space) or vertical (excess height by one or more floors)
  3. Change in the use of balconies to living space
  4. Pergolas or temporary constructions on the roof or in the garage area which were not in the original permit
  5. Legal pergolas on the roof which have been closed to become rooms
  6. Half open-air spaces
  7. Basements used as houses
  8. Closed parking areas used as houses
  9. Lofts, attics, living spaces within the legal roof
  10. Skylights
  11. Spaces in the ground-level area of apartment blocks

Why settle them?

According to the new law, from July 2011, it is illegal to transfer title of ownership on a property which is not covered in full by a building permit.

The settlement of any irregularities can considerably increase the value of a building, which is obviously an advantage when buying or selling it.

The cost of this settlement is considerably less than the fine sustained should the building remain without a permit.

Connection to mains networks such as electricity and water is permissible once the first instalment of the settlement has been paid.

Procedure – supporting documents

Our office will help you through every step of the settlement procedure, and will ensure that the settlement is completed successfully. The following supporting documents will be necessary to start the settlement procedure for your property:

List of Documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Two copies of the affirmation (law 1599/86) of the owner’s personal details, in which the building without permit is described
  3. Receipt from the Greek State for the sum of 500€, 1000€ or 2000€, depending on the size of space which is to be settled
  4. Counterfoil of any existing building permit, topographical map and floor plan of the space, if all these have been issued
  5. Engineer’s technical report
  6. Estimate of the settlement fine (completed by the engineer)